When a repairman’s appliance breaks?!

Ok,  Our 2 year old Samsung washer pooped out this weekend.  Are you kidding…2 years old.   Nick being repairman exdraordinaire takes a look.  This was Friday evening.  Now it is Sunday afternoon and Nick being the obsessive mechanical nut that he is, just got it fixed.  I do believe he read every review and comment on these crummy washers that have been written.  He never came up with a fix on all those posts.  Me, being the overy responsible wife…of course declared my innocence.  I did extensive research before we bought the new washer.  Apparently the reviews can’t always be trusted and don’t reflect normwal wear and tear for 24 months.  It was rated well 2 years ago and now there are hundreds of disgruntled constomers.  I will post Nick’s long post to Samsung and his eventual solution and repair on our “Questions and Solutions” page.  But the lesson to this story is don’t believe everything you read about new appliances…… and if you want to salvage a bit of the weekend….suggest Mission Impossible…you will at least get a Saturday night date out of the deal….and of course a repaired Washing Machine by Sunday.  Yay! I get to do Laundry Sunday night but FYI….Mission Impossible was a really fun movie!

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