Tool Box Reviews

Our aim is to be an informative guide to help people choose the proper tools for their home repairs.  We hope we are filling a need to all those home owners and weekend handy people who are trying to keep up with all the small repairs and maintenance chores that consume your “days off”.  The right tools make a huge difference.  So we have a bit of advice …..invest in a few, basic, good quality tools.

Have you tried to tightened a screw with a kitchen knife?  How about pounding a nail in with the heel of a shoe?  No?  I’m not so sure I believe you 🙂  Follow along and each week we will try to bring you some info about tools and their basic uses. We may not always be right, but you can rest assure that whatever info we give will be culled from real and varied experiences from Nick at All Things Repaired.  He has many many years of experience as a hands on repairman.  As one young man who was a helper said…”oh your one of those…. you do a little bit of everything…..very few of your type left…they broke the mold.”
We try to give you well rounded and useful information.  Keep in mind that you need to determine if you are qualified to perform the task at hand prior to proceeding. If you think you need further help we recommend you seek out an expert. Hiring a plumber, carpenter, or electrician might save you time and money in the long run. Always check the credentials and record of anyone you hire. Keep in mind many things require a license, permits and inspections.  You should contact your local building department for governmental requirements.

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