Our objective at All Things Repaired is to do the small projects that construction related companies do not have time for and when they do, they have to charge higher prices to cover their larger costs.  



Your home is a major investment. It is important to maintain that investment. You certainly maintain your car and buy new shoes for your children. You need to do the same for you house and property.


Preventative maintenance is another way All Things Repaired will help you save money in the log run. Better to maintain that air conditioner or water heater than to pay to replace or repair it when is breaks entirely. Everything cost more when it is an emergency. It's the old adage "an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"


As your property ages you have an increasing need for repair services to maintain and protect your investment for your future and potential resale.  




Updating your home helps to retain the value and keep it ready for resale.  Many updates can be cosmetic.  A new counter top or kitchen cabinets can make an amazing difference.  Some updates are important for the safety of residents.  Replace that smoke alarm or change the batteries.  Health or physical limitations change, your home should be adapted for those very changes.

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