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  1. Thank God for NICK…
    We are Snowbirds living 6 months in an old mobile home on Anna Maria Island. The story starts about a week after this season’s arrival when we notice that the bedroom floor is sagging in spots. We thought it might have something to do with the new window and a/c unit that was installed last season. So we called the guy that did that…a few times. A carpenter friend visited and convinced us the “floor problem” was “that guys” fault. We called him again…the floor is getting worse. We’re not using the a/c unit…and it’s REALLY hot. Finally about a week later, we give up on “that guy” and call “this guy”, Nick. He returned our call within hours and arrived to look at our problem the same day. He too thought it may be due to the window and a/c unit installation and planned to fit us in within days to fix it. Of course that night, “that guy” arrived and took responsibility for the job. He also expressed concern that the bed, or us, may fall through the floor so he’d be “right back” with some plywood to put under the bed. We called Nick and explained that “our guy” was going to look after us at his expense. Nick, of course, was fine. We didn’t hear or see our guy again…so after 5 days, we called Nick and asked him to do the job. We are thrilled with the job and “our guy” Nick. As it turned out the floor problem was not caused by the window and a/c unit installation. Nick found the tiny leak causing the problem and fixed it. He returned to demolish and remove the old bedroom floor and install a new floor. We were quite impressed that it was completed in 3 days. We were also impressed with his telephone contact; his kindness and professionalism; and his daily clean up. Two days later, the a/c unit started dripping inside. We called Nick and he arrived that day after he finished his job. He thought it would be a quick fix and I think planned to fix it that nite. He ran out of day light and arrived the next morning; expecting to finish the job and go to his scheduled afternoon appointments. The window and a/c unit installation the prior year was a separate problem. Nick ended up taking the a/c unit and the window out and re-installing both. Of course he called and rescheduled his other appointments. Letting them know that he had the “job from hell”. Nick’s re-installation is not only correct, it is also much more attractive than the prior job. We no longer have to worry about falling through the floor or out of the house. Thank you Nick & Lynn. We LOVE you!! Bruce, Debra & Angus

    • Bruce, Debra and Angus,
      Thanks you SOOOO much for your wonderful feedback. It is a delight to have such pleasant and patient clients. So glad everything worked out. Apparently Anugus was a most delightful assistant. We appreciate your business and for the time you took to give such positive feedback. Thanks! Merry Christmas! Nick and Lynn

  2. The assistance Nick provided on a recent project I was working on was very much appreciated. I was lost, as are most folks who take on home improvement tasks. What was I thinking? With Nick only a phone call away, I Won’t make that mistake again! This guy dropped everything he was doing, responding almost immediately to my self inflicted “crisis”! Very professional! Thank you Nick, you saved me………Dan

  3. In January 2016 strong winds tore some of the screens on my 2nd floor lanai so I contacted a screen company to replace them. The plan was to have him remove the old screen, then I’d have a painter put two coats of paint inside and outside my lanai, then the new screen would be installed. Tops, it was to be a ten day project. However, when the old screen was being removed, we saw extensive wood rot behind every piece of trim that was popped off. It was so bad that we could poke our fingers through some of the 2″ x 4″s. The screen man said most or all of the wood structure would have to be replaced. I cancelled the painter and started looking for a carpenter to “rebuild” my 1980 2nd floor lanai. This wasn’t an easy task and I almost gave up. About six weeks later, a friend said, “Call Nick. He’s great!” Nick arrived two days later, gave me an estimate, and, within two weeks, was able to begin the project. His price was fair and the project was completed when Nick estimated it to be done. I’m sure there will be other future projects when I’ll need Nick’s expertise. I consider him trustworthy and caring. I especially liked that he was willing to take time to answer all of my questions as the job progressed. I will not hesitate to call him again or recommend him to my friends. Thank you, Nick.

  4. Subject: Satisfied Customer

    A friend of ours recommended Nick to me. I would like to say how pleased I am with his work ethic. He is punctual and always completes the job you want done. He will go out of his way to make sure you are satisfied with his work. Nick is very likeable and easy to communicate with. I will always call Nick first if I need any work done and I highly recommend him.

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