Over the past several years we have been asked by many clients if we offer a Home Watch service. Up until now, we did not provide this. With 15+ years of providing home maintenance it makes sense to offer this to our clients. So by adding home watch, we offer a compete package. You only need to deal with one company which will simplify the upkeep of your home.

If you are looking for someone who will take care of and monitor your Florida home. All Things Repaired is the company. We are trustworthy, dependable, honest and can provide repairs needed.

While home watch seems like an easy and quick thing to do it does take experience, knowledge and skills. Skills that can help assess, trouble shoot, and correct the situations that occur in the most economical and efficient way possible. We not only monitor your home but we also provide information that helps you make an informed decision when maintenance is required.

We have over 30 years of property maintenance experience and excellent references. We carry liability insurance and have the abilities necessary to protect your home and keep it running properly. We can take care of minor fixes, help guide you thought the maze of major home upgrades as well as the those life altering catastrophes that sometimes happen.

Please See our Services page for what we offer and cost.


I’m all screwed up!

Ok, your catching on….that’s right, this week we are picking out some basic screwdrivers.
Now not for “nothin"…as they say….this was informative but not that interesting…None the less…we deliver what we promise and once again we are on the hunt. Frankly I never knew there was so much to know about a flipping screwdriver…but then again I usually only use one when I don't want to break a nail or ruin a fresh manicure….did someone say spoiled? Nick set me straight…(well, at least I least I let him think so)

Different Screws, different screwdrivers. This is something that was completely foreign to me as a young single gal living alone in my 20’s. I had one large straight, slotted type with a broken handle and when that didn’t work I went straight for the butter knife. Oh how times have changed….…married to a handyman and couple of drawers full of screwdrivers later. I would imagine we have a screw driver for literally anything (if there is something that we don’t have one for…I don’t even want to know what it is!)
So, the 2 most popular types, the slotted and the phillips head. There is also a star shaped one…luckily I have never had the opportunity to see such a screw.
There happens to be an excellent solution to this quandary. They have very reasonably priced sets with all different types of heads and handles They also have kit with a universal handle that has interchangeable working ends Check them out:

STANLEY 91-541 Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set, 8-Piece


Lutz 15-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver-YELLOW/BLACK

My pick? Neither….call my husband. Nick’s pick for the self-sufficient home owner.  The Lutz.  Not only does he recommend it....he has used one for years.


Dan is the Man and our friend!


This week instead of our “tools and tips” blog for home repair…..

Today I am writing about my freind Dan Bergen. Dan has been a good friend for over 20 years. We used to ride bicycles all over the northeast and Florida.
In a recent post we discussed what happens when the Repairman’s appliance breaks, but what about when the Repairman himself breaks…..Oh No! Fortunately, I have no issues myself. However, my good friend and valued Electrician has had a serious, life altering, year long struggle after being diagnosed with Rectal Cancer last summer. All the trade experience and knowledge developed over the years is of little value if the body gives out! Dan’s struggles began by simply noticing “stuff” simply didn’t look normal when he got up from the toilet for “the daily flush”, a morning ritual we all go through. Being the dedicated professional he is, business came first and he initially ignored the issue, The Jobs were more important! If I or anyone else called, he was always there! Dan was living a contractors dream life – 8 months on scenic Cape Cod, 4 months in sunny, South Florida…….And after all, with the exception of too many Happy Hours, our friend was leading a relatively healthy lifestyle – Chasing me up hills on our daily Sunday bike rides on Cape Cod – nothing could really be wrong! Eventually, common sense prevailed, and Dan put down the tool belt long enough for the dreaded visit to………”The Doctor”, something Everyone fears! What will he say?, What will he find? A Colonoscopy was performed and discovered a cancerous tumor in the Colon that had been growing for probably years. All those times Dan had put the customer first, he was now wishing he had put himself first! What follows next is Dan’s ongoing, year long odyssey thru the medical system trying to resolve this issue, all while continuing to provide electrical services for valued clients.
Recently Dan was told that all the chemo treatments and operations he went through the last year did not work. During this entire time Dan continured to work although not nearly has much as he had in the past. Recently I went to visit Dan for a week. I went with him to a job he was doing. There he was continuing to try to work with chemo ports, and 3 different bags collecting various bodily liquids. You might ask why is Dan working. Well first of all he has been self employed for over 15 years and he is also a very proud person and would not try to impose on anyone. I want everyone to know that any money raised will be to help Dan enjoy what life he has left along with uncovered medical expenses. He recently told me he did not want to go through chemo again. He is checking into some alternative treatments but, as we know these alternative treatments are not covered by insurance.
If you have an interest in helping Dan, you can go to the “gofundme” page I have started on his behalf.  I will continue to update but if you want to follow his story or donate, click on  Thanks, Nick

If I had a hammer

I am pretty sure I would not hammer in the morning, but if I had to I would want a perfect hammer. Is the type of hammer you buy really that important? It is like anything else, do a little research and then you get what you pay for (informed consumer….really? is that why I am paying five bucks for a coffee at Starbucks??? Ok, onward and upward.) I recently spent some time with my super hero handyman, Nick at Home Depot. His Idea of a date….hmmm.

I actually found it rather interesting and certainly informative. This information and is for picking out a good “claw” hammer. Who knew that what a hammer is made of and how much it weighs really affects it’s efficiency. In todays world everything is electronic, computerized and has lots of moving parts. These tools that we will be reviewing are pretty simple and count on human energy and accuracy to use them.
The first thing you want to look for is the material that it is made of….wood vs. fiberglass. Wood seems to be the logical choice, but it will not absorb the vibrations from the pounding as well as a fiberglass and usually the fiberglass handles have an extra sleeve on them that also help absorbs some of the shock to your hand.
The next thing is the weight. Nick was very definitive about this…16oz is the way to go. He said that weight gives you enough power without extra fatigue to your arm, wrist and hand.
The price is the last aspect and we found that the cost was less for a wood type.  A wood handled 16oz claw hammer runs $6.00-$7.00. While a fiberglass “Plumb” brand 16oz is around $9.50. Our pick? the Plumb brand 16 oz.
So you be the judge. Keep in mind a hammer is not something you buy often or even more than once, as long as you don’t lose it. And hey the price of the fiberglass hammer will get you a cup of coffee and a muffin at Starbucks.

Tool Box Reviews

Our aim is to be an informative guide to help people choose the proper tools for their home repairs.  We hope we are filling a need to all those home owners and weekend handy people who are trying to keep up with all the small repairs and maintenance chores that consume your “days off”.  The right tools make a huge difference.  So we have a bit of advice …..invest in a few, basic, good quality tools.

Have you tried to tightened a screw with a kitchen knife?  How about pounding a nail in with the heel of a shoe?  No?  I’m not so sure I believe you 🙂  Follow along and each week we will try to bring you some info about tools and their basic uses. We may not always be right, but you can rest assure that whatever info we give will be culled from real and varied experiences from Nick at All Things Repaired.  He has many many years of experience as a hands on repairman.  As one young man who was a helper said…”oh your one of those…. you do a little bit of everything…..very few of your type left…they broke the mold.”
We try to give you well rounded and useful information.  Keep in mind that you need to determine if you are qualified to perform the task at hand prior to proceeding. If you think you need further help we recommend you seek out an expert. Hiring a plumber, carpenter, or electrician might save you time and money in the long run. Always check the credentials and record of anyone you hire. Keep in mind many things require a license, permits and inspections.  You should contact your local building department for governmental requirements.

Aging Safely with All things repaired

We all will reach a point when the years in our lives start to effect our abilities to perform everyday tasks. Something as simple as turning a door knob, opening a jar can become difficult. Getting in an out of the tub or shower turns into a dangerous adventure. When slipping and falling can be a life changing event.

I have had personal experience with the issues that come with growing older. I have witnessed my family members mature and loose some of those abilities. I have designed and managed several independent living facilities.

This made me think of all the things that could help keep a person independent and hopefully avoid a tragic event.

I know what to look for and how to alleviate the everyday hazards in a home. I can help you make your home a safe place. A place you can enjoy without the fear.

I am offering a free walk through to discuss the improvements for safety in your home. If you like, we can formulate a plan and I will provide the installation services you need.

Call today to set up an appointment at 941-567-4495

When a repairman’s appliance breaks?!

Ok,  Our 2 year old Samsung washer pooped out this weekend.  Are you kidding…2 years old.   Nick being repairman exdraordinaire takes a look.  This was Friday evening.  Now it is Sunday afternoon and Nick being the obsessive mechanical nut that he is, just got it fixed.  I do believe he read every review and comment on these crummy washers that have been written.  He never came up with a fix on all those posts.  Me, being the overy responsible wife…of course declared my innocence.  I did extensive research before we bought the new washer.  Apparently the reviews can’t always be trusted and don’t reflect normwal wear and tear for 24 months.  It was rated well 2 years ago and now there are hundreds of disgruntled constomers.  I will post Nick’s long post to Samsung and his eventual solution and repair on our “Questions and Solutions” page.  But the lesson to this story is don’t believe everything you read about new appliances…… and if you want to salvage a bit of the weekend….suggest Mission Impossible…you will at least get a Saturday night date out of the deal….and of course a repaired Washing Machine by Sunday.  Yay! I get to do Laundry Sunday night but FYI….Mission Impossible was a really fun movie!