Aging Safely with All things repaired

We all will reach a point when the years in our lives start to effect our abilities to perform everyday tasks. Something as simple as turning a door knob, opening a jar can become difficult. Getting in an out of the tub or shower turns into a dangerous adventure. When slipping and falling can be a life changing event.

I have had personal experience with the issues that come with growing older. I have witnessed my family members mature and loose some of those abilities. I have designed and managed several independent living facilities.

This made me think of all the things that could help keep a person independent and hopefully avoid a tragic event.

I know what to look for and how to alleviate the everyday hazards in a home. I can help you make your home a safe place. A place you can enjoy without the fear.

I am offering a free walk through to discuss the improvements for safety in your home. If you like, we can formulate a plan and I will provide the installation services you need.

Call today to set up an appointment at 941-567-4495

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