Repair • Maintain • Home Watch 

You have heard it at the coffee shop, the water cooler and even while pumping gas.  Someone is bragging about their “guy”.  They say he can do anything.  Fix the fence, caulk the tub, grout the tile, hang pictures and stop the annoying drip in the kitchen.  How do you find a repairman that does everything?  No need to look any further!
Nick has extensive experience and background in property maintenance.  He can handle your  small annoying problems or quickly respond to issues that are caused by weather, disaster, or just worn out equipment.  He will hang a picture or repair your deck.  Update your kitchen cabinets or change a light bulb.  Repair your screen or put beadboard in your guest bath.
What does this mean to you?  It means you will be hiring someone with solid references and knowledge that one can only develop through 30 years in the business.  Nick brings that special expertise that others can’t…..skill, knowledge and service, all in one tradesman.  Now providing handyman services and home watch in the Bradenton area.  Take a look at our website and get familiar with the services we offer.  Consultations and diagnostics always free of charge.   All Things Repaired is a registered and insured company.
Call today…….now you have a “guy”